Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Good bye CCE, PSA, OTBA and all innovations…

And finally, CBSE bids goodbye to all innovations and experiments tried and tested during last 7 years. Now we are again in STAND AS IT IS state. Let us have an overview of these innovations and find why they failed or declared failed.
I have written an article on this . It was published in Sirajnews daily on Tuesday – February 14 – 2017. TO read this click here

Friday, 10 February 2017

New Educational Reforms - CBSE

Last day I had received an audio file through Whatsapp. A teacher from kerala expressed his opinion on changes happens in educational system. He was very much upset about new educational method and blamed its level. When I shared this file to 60 teachers to get their opinion, everyone commented the same except one teacher.
They all are not satisfied with this system. Anyhow its debate is going on.
I do not know , now CBSE also decided to re-establish many old systems in their curriculum . Currently CBSE students have two semester examinations named Summative Assessment 1 & SA2.

 It was helped them from not to study whole chapters for the final examination. But this system is going to end with this academic year. Next year onwards grade 10 board exam will include the whole syllabus.
And another important thing is that, formative assessment method also going to end with this academic year. I think, it may help the teachers .

They can save their time from many record works. Instead of formative assessment the internal assessment will include three periodic test like our old method. “Onam exam, Second term and annual”.

New marking system for 2017-18 academic session

Board exam: 80% of marks

Internal assessment: 20% marks

Board theory exam salient features (80 marks):

Entire syllabus will be included in the exam

Marks and grades will be awarded for individual subjects

9-point grading will be same as followed by Std XII board exam

Student has to secure at least 33% in each of the 5 mandatory subjects

Internal assessment salient features (20 marks):

Will be completed through three different modes

(i) Periodic written tests: 10 marks

(ii) Notebook submission: 5 marks

(iii) Subject enrichment activity: 5 marksAnd also CBSE is very cautious on students' behaviour. In order to maintain discipline among students , they have asked to concentrate attendance, sincerity, values and behaviour