Monday, 20 March 2017

An Email to Classdojo Team

It will be great pleasure if we make some customization in class dojo app with following requirements.
India , the second largest populous country in the world having thousands of school. We have our own national level and state level curriculum. And it is widespread in other countries , especially in middle east countries.

As part of the students evaluation, teachers have to keep anecdotalrecord. At presently teachers observe the children activities and record in note book or diary manually.

 I think if we use classdojo with minor changes it will be more systematic and helpful for thousands of countries in the world. They can use classdojo to enter all the anecdotes of children. Then it will be easy for evaluation as well as record keeping.

So, What are the changes are expecting?

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Grow you food

We try to recreate what we missed from our God's own country. From the greenery we moved to desert .

The students and teachers of our School sweat it out to make the school an abode of agriculture where the arid Arabian land was “transformed” into a green pasture for all kinds of vegetables and herbs.
Today we had harvesting day of tomatoes and various vegetables.

School has increased its focus on organic farming with the appointment of the award-winning farmer from Kerala, Mini, as the school’s farming co-ordinator. Other than demarcated spaces in the open space, both a greenhouse and parts of the terrace of the school are utilised for farming.

The agricultural excitements include the teak wood that has flowered and the paddy field which is yielding paddy in the desert. Other crops on campus include tomato, papaya, okra, carrot, leafy vegetables, agathi cheera (sesbania grandiflora), lakshmi taru (Simarouba galuca), azolla, drumstick and mind leaf.

Students, after harvest, sell the crops to the interested parties and donate the money earned to different charity initiatives.

Photo Session

 Today we had photo session of all the staff. 

First row =  From left Sajir, me, Umar, Akbarali, Douglus, Arokia , Vijesh Kumar
Second row-  Sheikh Akbar, Shabeer, Sharafudhin, Ratheesh, Rafeeq and Ameer Suhail.
Back line - Praboshkumar, Sreeharim , Abdul Shafeeq, Suresh, Noufal and Mazhar

As a HOD

Today is something special in my career life. Now move to the next role as Head of the Social science department in school. Among three at last the interview board slected me to the post. Really, it will be a new experience and challenge in my career. There are 30 teachers handling social science in different classes from grade 3 to 10.

March 12. 10.30 am
Principal sir sent me an email.
ear Akbar,


This is to inform you that You are selected as the HOD(Social Science) for the academic year 2017-18.

I wish you all success and hope you will do your duties  to the best  of your abilities with utmost sincerity”.

I remember the past, my teachers and friends who all are influenced me in different ways.

Thanks to everyone your inspirational words and support.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Academic Excellence Programme

AEP is an educational programme started in the academic year 2016-17 by the Habitat School Ajman with the objective of integrated acadmeic development of grade 10 students . In the learning it mainly  aimed to enhance the academic status of grade 10 students SSLC result .

The following activities were conducted as part of this. The highlights are given below.

  • The Programme period was from January 2017 to March 2017.
  • We had meeting with grade 10 students' parents at School auditorium .
  • Principal explained about the programme to the parents during this session.
  • Calendar of "AEP" activities was prepared for each class; and ensured that each activity was carried that precisely as per the calendar.
  • Backward students were given necessary training.
  • It helped them very much for facing board examination.
Planning – Time table
  • Categorized the students on the basis of their previous test scores.
  • It named as group 1 and group 2.
  • We prepared special time table for them. This was sent to parents and subject teachers in advance.
  • It helped very much for planning.
  • January onwards we started Block Time table.
  • Two adjacent periods joined and made it one. They are called Block Time Table.
  • The core subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science were only taught during this bock periods.
  • We had special classes during working days except Monday.
  • It was during 2.30 to 4.15 Pm.
  • In addition to block periods and stay back we had special classes during Saturdays.
  • Lesson plan – Mainly activities during the special classes were mentioned and gave to students in advance.
  • Two types of test papers were conducted for students
  • One among was out of 25 and another was out of 50
  • For 50 marks test papers , we prepared and given printed question papers.
  • For each subjects, we had conducted two 50 marks test papers.
  • To keep track record google sheet has shared to all teachers.
  • Teachers entered the scores of each test in this sheet.
  • To keep the attendance record of students another G.Sheet has shared to teachers.
  • Teachers entered the attendance report during stay back classes and saturdays.
  • Special remedial teaching was given to backward students, during the AEP classes.
  • Special counseling classes were organised  to prepare students to face exams with self assurance
  • Special career class was organised to prepare students for higher study.
  • To make communication easier we made teachers mail group as well as students.
  • Parents email group also prepared with the help of IT dept.
  • It helped to send notification, memos to parents.
  • Parents were happy with AEP programme. They felt to free contact with teachers on this .

I would like to conclude this report . And last but not least I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to Mr. Sanjeev Kumar , the principal of Habitat School Ajman, for bringing a great idea to the empowerment of students as well as he guided me to lead this team.

And also I remember the great support of our supervisors Mr Vijesh and Margeena who helped me in different ways such as timetable preparation, class coordination, maintaining discipline etc. 

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Class Party