Monday, 18 September 2017

How was your vacation ?

After the summer vacation, I told to my pupil to share their vacation experiences. This vacation was not much happy for us. One of our beloved student named Ritivik passed away during this vacation. Today the grade 9 boy Muhammadi from Afganistan shared another shocking news. His cousin was killed by some strangers the outskirts of Kabul in Afganistan. Personally this vacation was not happy to me too. But when we hear the shocking news from my students , how can we think about our personal problems. Is it a problem? Meanwhile few students had visited different countries along with their families. I told them to prepare a write-up. I also offered 10 dojo points. Today few of them has sent their vacation experiences through mail. Marzook , a student from grade 10-P has prepare a blog.

Let us see their creative works.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Teachers comments

Teachers comments are very important in teaching learning activities.

 Students consider it very serious . Instead of writing simple like good, outstanding, Very good or any emoticons we can write some meaningful comments in their note books as well as report cards..
Here we share some comments which we collected from here.
They are given below.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Questioning in Class Room - Why and How ?

Why do we ask questions in the class room ?

  • To test the previous knowledge of students
  • Enable them to the recall something
  • Enable them to think about something
  • Mentally alert
  • Stimulate curiosity
  • To link new knowledge with old.
  • To revise the lesson
  • To diagnose the weak points of students
  • To ensure participation

 Characteristics of questions

  • It Should be simple
  • Should not be ambiguous , lengthy and vague.
  • Should be relevant to the topic.
  • Echo questions should be avoided. ( Eg: Budha born in Lumbini. Where he was born ?
  • Adequate time should be allowed to answer.
  • Should be asked in a pleasing manner
  • Should not leave students in dark.
  • Should be suited to the ability of the children
  • Try to avoid asking more than one questions
  • Questions should be evenly distributed no child should be neglected
  • To create interest you can create “Rapid fire round”.

Teacher class observation

Photo Curtsey :

Class observations of teaching can be extremely effective in helping to enhance teaching performance. It offers the opportunity for faculty to improve and correct themselves.
The observation’s purpose will be to provide feedback on teaching practices and to suggest ways to improve those practices, if appropriate. Any information gathered through the classroom observation process is confidential and will not be used for any purpose other than enhancement of teaching: all information stays between the observer and the teacher being observed.
So we need to ask some questions ourselves.
They are following.

  • Why we are observing ?
  • Are you ready for observing ?
  • Why we need ?