Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Email- Be Proactive in work place

Dear all,

We are happy to inform you that the endless hours that you have spent working during last academic year and the professionalism that you have shown has impressed the entire team immensely.
At the same time we have to do more in this academic year to enhance the quality of our students’ education and academic performance.
So that we have to move in a organized way.
We expect all members will complete the their tasks on time. 
As we discussed during our previous DM, We're running out of time.

What are our expectations?

1. Prepare the worksheets in advance and share to subject coordinators 
 (Error free worksheets)
2. Preparation notes in advance 
3. Lesson plan preparation on each and every Saturday.
4. Smooth conduction of our teaching learning process on time.

Enroll your body, soul and spirit and engage your time to do what you know best. 
Dedicate yourself to the work at hand and you will be rewarded by the fruits you will bear!” 
- ― Israelmore Ayivor.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

School Student Council Election

The School aims to prepare students for life and citizenship. Student council election is a formal
group decision- students elected by peers to hold certain position.

⊷To familiarize students the democratic way of election.
⊷ To give students an opportunity to develop leadership skills.

⊷ To share ideas, interests and concerns of students with the school wide community.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Let our class room more practical oriented.

I am very happy to see our teachers connect the history class more practical and linking with present life. Yesterday I could see such scene in one of the class. In 6P , Mrs. Sangeetha was teaching ancient Indian history with full of energy and she could create curiosity and surprise among her students.

During the period of Neolithic ,people had used wheat, millet,lentils,grains etc.
To get more clarity for the terms like millet and cereals, she gave different packets of these items to the students. Students were very happy to see, touch and discuss about the same.

Here are few pictures.

Let our class room more practical oriented.

Class room teaching are to be more practical oriented. We can bring some real things which can connect even hour past history.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Thought of School- How should be?

Center for learning:- A best space for better learning than any other schools in the world.
Children should fee happy and motivation to come and go Get chance to meet and interact eminent personalities in the world.

Self Learning Center with Internet access - Students should be able to make self study incorporating with ICT materials under the guidance and monitoring of  the teacher.
Center for skill development - There should be special time in the school time table for practising chosen skills, like Making Reports, Making Self Evaluation, Presentation skills, Event Management skills, etc. Also include some other certificate courses like, Basic Electronics, Electrical, Plumping, computer courses like coding, networking as part of co-curricular activities.
Center for occupational preparation: When a child complete his school education, he should have able to go for a job. Now those who completed plus two course ,they work as a Assistant teacher. If we provide a course like PPTC , TTC as per the MOE rule and UAE Situations, at least they will be able to get a small job. Let students get a chance to complete a lot of certificate courses like MOOC. Surely this will help them in futute.
Course combinations in Plus one course: Since we have number of combinations in plus one course we provide only 2 streams such as Science and Commerce. In addition to this there are many courses and in each coursed there are several combinations but in UAE most of the school provide only science and commerce. For instance: In Humanities course itself has 32 combinations but there is less schools provide this.

Academic quality – How much we have concentrated ? Suggestion to improve ?

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

CBSE New Reforms - Article in Sirajn News

Today Siraj daily published my article on CBSE new reforms.It may affect the students , parents as well as schools. To read more you can click here

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Wikimania 2018

I have been an active Wikipedian editor since 2010
My first edit in a Wiki platform was in Malayalam wikipedia in the year 2010 as user name Akbarali . I have now made over 2,317 edits. I contributed over 966 new articles in to wikipedia. I have made many different types of edits over the years, including article writing, copy editing, translation etc. I have been contributing to,,,,
More detail is given here

Monday, 22 January 2018

Your job is very easy

Some times my friends used to say what is your work?
Your job is very easy. You dont have much works.
Mom may say, whay are you sitting always in front of laptop.
So, I just thought to share my today’s plan. It is only for 23-1-18.
For next day there will be another plan. After that you may decide.
    ==Today’s things to do.==
    Send Mail
  • Upload notes in portal
  • Email to Dept- Rubrics for note book correction
  • Email – AEP Time table for tomorrow
  • Prepare questions and answers - AEP 25 Marks test from 2 History chapters
  • Email this to colleagues
  • Email – Regarding Republic day celebration to dept
  • IT -Video – Editing – Republic day – Documentation
  • Follow up AEP Absentees
  • AEP Attendance sheet completion
  • AEP Time table preparation