Thursday, 28 April 2016

School Election - 2016

Today was our election day.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Election Steps - 2016

To avoid confusion , we share some instructions. They are following

What are the things we have to do today ?

  1. Appoint Polling officer – Duty ..> Check the student List and identify the voters
  2. Appoint Assistant Polling officer ..> Call the voters and Mark the ink on nail
  3. Student Police ...> Maintain the discipline
  4. Enter the name of above students in Google sheet which is shared by Vijesh sir.
  5. Observe campaigning.
  6. Prepare class student list for election
  7. Practice the E – Voting software. ( You will get training during the time of todays meeting )
  8. Tell the students to bring ID card.

  • 3rd Period - Configure the software
  • Give students list to polling officer
  • Give marker to assistant polling officer
  • Sit near by Laptop and Click enter button after each vote.
  • After election Click “ r “ in keyboard. 
  • Click print to file .. Save to desktop.
  • Type the names of winners in to google sheet 

Sunday, 24 April 2016


Election - Nomination Submission

Arav Raj submit his election nomination paper to his class teacher

9Q- Jjgsaw

9 M - Jigsaw

9 - M Formative Assessment - 1

FA Activity of Grade 9 - Q

Grade 9 - Q
Topic : The French Revolution

Steps are given below

Pinpoint important point toshare
Each member of these group has to write

Group activities an topic

Group Name Group Topics are to be discussed
Group 1 France Abolishes Monarchy and Becomes a Republic



Maximilian Robespierre



Death of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette
Group 2 The Reign of Terror

Administrative reforms of Robespierre

Monsieur (Sir) and Madame ( Madam)



Napoleon Bonaparte.
Group 3 Did Women have a Revolution?

Living conditions

How was their movement against Ruler ?

main demands

Importance of 1946

Olympe de Gouges
Group 4 The Abolition of Slavery

Slavery system

Bordeaux or Nantes

Napoleon reintroduced slavery.

Group 5 The Revolution and Everyday Life

Can politics change the clothes people wear, the language?

abolition of censorship

Freedom of the press

In 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte crowned

protection of private property

uniform system of weights

Battle of Waterloo in 1815

Important legacy of the French Revolution.

feudal systems abolished

Score in google sheet

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Jigsaw magic in class

When I started my teaching at UAE school onwards, I spend my leisure time to study new teaching strategy ,tips and technique. So most of the AF time used to spend many hours in font of my laptop for serf google books, teaching blog, you tube etc..

Last day, I watched a nice teaching tips given by Alex in his You tube channel which is teach like this. His presentation is so good. From many teaching technique, I used to study more about Jig saw. For more clarification sent an email to Alex. After two days he replied very detailed. Before that, I had group activity in my class. But Jigsaw was a new method for me. As per the new method , I planned my lesson in the following method.

Today teacher does - Jigsaw ( A experimental activity )
First divide my class into 3 / 4 groups with 7 students in each. A group is given a unique article to read.
Group No 1.  [ France Abolishes Monarchy and Becomes a Republic]

Group No 2 . The Reign of Terror
Group No 3.A Directory Rules France
Group No 4 .Did Women have a Revolution?
Group No 5 - The life of a revolutionary woman – Olympe de Gouges
After reading the article, Group 1 will discuss and pinpoint the most important information to share. They might have the names of the most important French revolutionaries, ideas , they might have information about Robespierre, Jacobin, Napoleon Bonaparte and how was the condition of France after 1789. They would definitely say something about the role of women in french revolution Groups 2 - 5 will do the same with their articles.
While this is happening, the teacher is circling to the different groups and helping students decide what information is best to share. Each member of these groups will write down the important information their classmates have decided to share with the other groups.
Next, these groups will break apart.
They will rejoin 4/5 groups with 7 members. 1 member from Group 1, one member from Group 2, one member from Group 3, etc.

New Group 1 - There will only be one member who knows about each topic.
After if they have any doubts teacher will clarify it.
It was planned for grade 9. But it worked very well in grade X-M . But it took days to complete With in 40 minutes , we got only 30 minutes. After their chit chat and talking, we get less time. First day there was confusion in the second time group formation. There were 21 students. We divided them in to 4 groups. 5 members were there in each group. Only in 5th group there was 6 members.
I had showed the stpes and each groups topic.

No Steps
1 Group Formation
2 Reading
3 Discussion
4 Pinpoint important point to share
5 Each member of these group has to write
6 break apart & Frame new group
7 Explaining pin points
After their discussion they shuffled and sat in different groups. Even though there was little confusion related to shuffling. So, I gave group number to all pupil.

Group 1 Factories Come Up


Group 2 The Early Entrepreneurs


What type of business ?

Group 3 Where Did the Workers Come From?

workers come from?

Getting jobs ?
Group 4 The Peculiarities of Industrial Growth


Swadeshi movement

busy with war production to meet the needs of the army
Group 5 Small-scale Industries Predominate


Next day
They formed group speedy. It was a nice discussion. Student Nihal and Mathew shared to that, that was a good method. I spent my time to participate in all discussion, I have added some additional information also related to their topic. 

In You Tube

Part 1
Part 2 

Steps - Showed through projector

Group 1
Group 2

Group 3

Group 4


Monday, 18 April 2016

April18 - Monday

Today i got time to check some note books from two classes.The list is given below.

9 -Q on Note book status – 2018-04-16
No Name of the students Remarks
1 Abdulrahim completed
2 Abel completed
3 adil Hw. in completed
4 Afthab in completed
5 Arawinder singh completed
6 Deric marx in completed
7 Farveen Hw. in completed
8 Fayis in completed
9 Joshua completed
10 Khubaib completed
11 Mebruk in completed
12 mudassir in completed
13 Pranoy completed
14 Rahil in completed
15 Rizwan Hw. in completed
16 Saeed Hw. in completed
17 Saiteja completed
18 Salman Hw. in completed
19 sayed shah completed
20 Uzair Did not buy the note book. Today he will buy
21 Vyshnav Hw. in completed

9 -p on Note book status – 2016-04-18
No Name of the students Remarks Other
1 Saqif completed

2 Dipesh completed

3 Inamulla in completed should cover the note book
4 Sanju completed should cover the note book
5 Anas in completed should cover the note book
6 Omar completed
7 Marzooq completed

8 Balakumaran completed

9 Khalifa in completed should cover the note book index
10 Aabil Muhammed completed should cover the note book

Grade 9- P's group discussion part has been uploaded in youtube.
It is availabe here 

10N - Jigsaw photos

Sunday, 17 April 2016

10 M- Group Activities

Today my 10 M students led an assembly. It was a wonderful programme . 10 M Boy named Faheem recited the holly Quran. ( Surath Yaseen). Others involved in skit programme. The theme was based on school life. Later there was speech by Pricipal, Vice principal and Supervisor. After Mr. Pramod given an opportunity for aerobic dance. Students enjoyed it. In second period i did not get enough time to teach. There were new student.There I took 10 minutes for introduction and checking previous knowledge. In grade 9 P , I had only 30 minutes. Previous period they had Game.So they came very late.
Unfortunately all students had not written answer for question which I had given in the previous class. They agreed that, the next day it will be completed.

In grade 10 M. I had good experience. I appreciated them  for their assembly programme. Usually they take around 10 minutes to get ready for the class. When I asked some questions based on last days topic they said answer very well. Ajmal, Lionel answered very good.
Later they sat group wise.

1 = Group members are..
Rohit shibu ( Forgot to bring Text book)
Rahil ( Forgot to bring Text book)
Sam ( Forgot to bring Text book)
Aamir ( Forgot to bring Text book)
Nabit ( Forgot to bring Text book)

Group = 2 were
Sarath ( Forgot to bring Text book)
Nihal ( Forgot to bring Text book)
Muadh ( Forgot to bring Text book)
George ( Forgot to bring Text book) and
Ajmal ( Forgot to bring Text book)

Group No =  3

Vignesh ( Forgot to bring Text book)
Nafa ( Forgot to bring Text book)
Ridwan ( Forgot to bring Text book).

Today we got a less time. So first group only  presented their topic. I concluded it with my ppt.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

X M Group Discussion

Group Discussion Continues

Students come to class room after five or 6 minutes. Thats why it take much time to arrange them in to proper order. In grade 9 P it happened day. Some students had no note book and text book. I asked them. Same answer came. "Forgot".
But in X-N they were no more students in class when I entered. they went for assembly practice. 


Scanned by CamScanner

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

10 N Group Discussion

Today I had 3 more new students in my class. Somebody had retest. Thats why they came to new class late.So again explained , What is school life ? Why is it ? Then the expectation of teachers from students. Later in grade 9th i had topic to cover , French revolution and its causes.Due to lack of time i gave some lecture notes . Unfortunately some students had not bring their note book. 
In 9th M , they were.

Abdulla Qazi
Ali Asgar and Sayed Haseeb.

In grade 9th I had two periods. There we reached industrial revolution stages.
I had made plan for group activity.But it took 13 minutes to make them ready for the class. Many students were talking when i came to class room. Later also it continued. That time i changed someone seat and made a awareness suggestion of time value. 
Later i divided them in to three groups. 6 members were there.

Activity is given below.

Among this the third group done their work seriously. Others were good . Even though they need improvement

It is given below.
First group student presents their answers .
Group A Discussion
Group - B
Group - C
It video i had recorded in my mobile. It is available here.