Monday, 20 March 2017

An Email to Classdojo Team

It will be great pleasure if we make some customization in class dojo app with following requirements.
India , the second largest populous country in the world having thousands of school. We have our own national level and state level curriculum. And it is widespread in other countries , especially in middle east countries.

As part of the students evaluation, teachers have to keep anecdotalrecord. At presently teachers observe the children activities and record in note book or diary manually.

 I think if we use classdojo with minor changes it will be more systematic and helpful for thousands of countries in the world. They can use classdojo to enter all the anecdotes of children. Then it will be easy for evaluation as well as record keeping.

So, What are the changes are expecting?

1- I have given below, a sample format of anecdotal record which is using in Indian schools now. Can we generate reports to this following format?

2. When we give points ( positives / needs to work ). Can we make a facility to export this skills report in a sentence form to ms excel or any other spreadsheet?
3. And can we generate a comparison report ( monthly wise ) in spreadsheet or inside the classdojo itself.

These are some suggestions which may help thousands of teachers. If is so easy for them we “Our classdojo team”may get a great acceptance in Indian teachers community. If it is so we can propose in our Indian government to introduce classdojo as part of our ICT Curriculam.


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