Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Class Dojo Training - Dojo Sir,, Dojo Sir,

Last few years I was observing and asking to different teachers on Class Management. I searched and read different kinds of printed books as well as E books from google to know more about Class Management. When I decided to fly to UAE my old collegues shared that, Out side of India, the class management will be very difficulty.
That was almost correct. Here in our schools there are multinational students. :-)

Especially Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, lNigeria etc. Everyone has their own distinctive culture. So I started to find an ICT based solution for class dojo. At last I reached in Class Dojo and Kyambu. I did not use Kyambu yet. It is also almost same. So as a pilot project I used Class Dojo.

During this time one of my close friend Mr. Noufal & Shafeeq also asked. What is it? I explained and they were thrilled to use. The very next day other five teachers also started under my school.Everyone was very happy. Because it worked very well.
My students even they were in grade 10 , accepted this in a good spirit. At last they named me Dojo Sir and my colleagues mocked at me as “Dojo Akbar”

When awarding points to groups, students quickly sharpened up their behavior and displayed teamwork! They hold each other accountable to make sure their group is behaved and on task. This makes my class room e much easier. Earliear I was giving points for their discipline, Oral test, Quiz, Note book completion as House wise.

To get students even more engaged with ClassDojo, I gave a cerficate monthly. At the end of each month , I would view reports and reward the team that earned the most points with either a technology party

I wished to spread this App to all my collegues. But I did not share this to anyone. In 2016 Augest 21 we came from our kerala after enjoying two months vacation. We had training programme until 28th Augest. Once My Supervisor Mr. Vijesh told me to explain this Class Dojo to Prinicpal. I tried to introduce this Dojo to our honourable Principal named Mrs.Jisha Jayan. She was also thrilled and requested me to familiarize CD to all my colleagues. So we gathered at auditorium.

Somebody were scratching in their head. Does he bring another head ache for us. So I started my training in this contest. At last many teachers asked many doubts . It was amazing experience. Many teachers created new ID the same day. Now it has been covered more that 75.

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