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My Wikipedia Life

Tell us about your involvement in your home wiki or the broader Wikimedia movement. What have you built or contributed to in order to improve your wiki or community? Have you led or organized any of these activities?

I first edited the Malayalam Wikipedia in 2010, where I have now made over 2000 edits. I have made many different types of edits over the years, including article writing, copy editing, translation, , and administrative activities (since 2015). Most recently, I have been working language translation.

I contribute to Wikisource, Wikimedia Commons too.

Offline, I organised various Wikimedia Workshops and Wikimedia Edit a-thon programs

I have written some articles and it were published in different news papers and magazines.

Organizer of Wikimedia events and it's details are given below.

1) Farook Arts & Sience College Wikipedia workshopിക്കിപീഡിയ:പഠനശിബിരം/കോഴിക്കോട്_2
2) Maqdin Saqafathil Islamiya College Wikipedia Workshopിക്കിപീഡിയ:പഠനശിബിരം/മലപ്പുറം_2
3) Workshop at the Springs International School, Nilambur, Malappuram , Kerala – India , on 10 August 2014.
d) Workshop at the HABITAT SCHOOL AJMAN, United Arab Emirates on 6th November 2016

Organizer of Wikimedia Online Edit a thon programmes.

1) As part of Malayalam Wikipedia Annual Conference-2015, we organized an on line Edit a thon competition to create and edit more article on Malabar region of Kerala, it is called Malabar Thiruthal yanjam – 2015. 24 Active Editors participated in this competition. 63 New articles has been created.It's Event page link has given below.ിക്കിപീഡിയ:മലബാർ_തിരുത്തൽ_യജ്ഞം_2015

2. As part of Rio 2016 Summer Olymics we organized Wikipedia Edit a thon Competition to increase the Olympic content in Malayalam Wikipedia. Through this competition we have created 178 new article in to malayalam wikipedia. More details are available the following link.ിക്കിപീഡിയ:റിയോ_ഒളിമ്പിക്സിലെ_ഇന്ത്യ-_തിരുത്തൽ_യജ്ഞം_2016

3. As part of Wikipedia India Conference-2016, we had an on line Edit a thon Competition . It was held at Punjab. In this competition our community which is Malayalam wikipedia achieved second prize for creating and editing more artcle. We created 733 new articles in malayalam wikipedia. Its event page link is following.

4. Co- organizer of Wikipedia Asian Month Nover – 2015 Edit a thon .45 Editors participated in this Edit a thon program. 226 new articles created and 7 article'c conted developed.ിക്കിപീഡിയ:ഏഷ്യൻ_മാസം_2015

5. Participation - :WP15TVMEdit Edit a thon.

6. Participation - #100wikiCommonsDays,

Media Coverage

1. Published an educational article on Wikimedia ventures in the Sirajnews daily a regional news papers in kerla, in the year of 2010. The news paper link has given below.

2. Published an article in Shasthragathi Magazine ( A leading Science Magazine in Malayalam language ) on Wikimedia in the year of 2011.

3. Published an article in Pravasi Vayana , a leading Malayalam monthly in United Arab Emirates. It could help to make awarness on wikipedia among Expatriate Community in United Arab Emirates.

What’s something great that happened as a result of these activities? This could be described either quantitatively or qualitatively, and could impact either online or offline. Here are some examples that might help.

Online Impact

Qualitative :


New editors (e.g. new editors due to organizing an editing workshop

  • Through Calicut Farook College wikipedia Workshop 101 new editors joined in Malayalam Wikipedia -
  • Malappuram Ma'hdin Workshop 35 new editors -
  • The Springs International School Workshop – 20 New editors
  • Habitat School Ajman, UAE , Workshop – 16 New editors

Offline Impact

Improved the public perception of Wikimedia as a source of reliable information
1. Gave a talk about Wikipedia processes and policies at Madhin Institutions, Malappuram, Kerala, India

Improved language diversity off-wiki

1. Teaching 20 different nations students at School at Habitat School Ajman, United Arab Emirate. During my class room teaching I have showed them wikipedia article in their own mother language. And it helps to read wider awareness about linguistics versions of Wikimedia projects. 8000 students study in this school.I have been working there as a Subject teacher .

3. Improved skills of off-wiki volunteers
We have begun a Pilot project to teach Wiki volunteers on Wikihacks Cloud Course series: More details are available in this link .

Participants that attended a Wikimedia events which I organized
Farook College Wikipedia Workshop – 101
Mahdin Wikipedia Workshop – 35
The Springs International School Wikipedia Workshop – 20
Habitat School Ajman, Teachers Workshop – No of participants 300
Total : 406

My Involvement in Wikimedia programs
Teachers Training on Wikipedia Education Program.
Students training - Wikipedia Education Program.

What collaborations with other Wikimedians or Wikimedia organizations are you most proud of?

Punjabi Wikipedia Community

My presentation during Wikipedia India Conference -2016 on the topic “ Wikimedia as a interdisciplinary Project in Education” was a eye opener to the teachers who works in Indian Educational Curriculum named CBSE . Through this teachers could use various wiki tools for educational formative assessment activity.

And there was variety of different viewpoints that contribute positively to the discussions and enjoyable.

How do you usually share your experiences (or things you’ve learned) with your community? Examples of on-wiki summaries/reports, blog posts, meetup talks, etc. are welcome here.

I mostly use blog posts, Article to the news papers and photographs to share my experiences: every Wikimedia workshops I've been to before, After that, I mostly talk about my experiences informally at School students , teachers and NGO Programmes.
In addition to that I used to share Wikipedia activities to School teachers in Lesson plan.

Sharing about Wikipedia in my daily School Class Rooms.
Shows wikipedia article and pictures to students.
Motivate my students to edit and develop articles.
Sharing Wikipedia activities to Schoo teachers in Lesson plan.
Published 3 Article in Malayalam News papers.


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