Saturday, 1 October 2016


Yesterday evening at Hotel Grant Plaza auditorium ,Dubai ,we could attend to participate in a Teachers workshop which was organised by P. M Foundation in association with Gulf Madhyamam. Dr. APM Muahammed Haneesh gave a inspirational lecture on “Igniting Student Minds”.

 Students , Parents and Teachers jointly partipated in this session.
How can we ignite the students mind ?

There are number of students in our school with different talents . Unfortunately teachers are worried about their much documentation works and lack of time . Due to this teaching becoming mechanical. In this context how can they inspire and trigger out the curiosity of students? Shared by some teachers who attended this workshop.

Haneesh quoted the story of AlbertEinstein. His teachers reported that he was mentally slow, unsociable, and adrift forever in his foolish dreams.”Einstein was regarded as the greatest intellectual mind of our time.

Students as well as parents also had to share a lots of things. They commented on Who is a good Teacher?

Some important points I have noted in this lecture are following.

  • Provide more opportunity
  • Students come to class room with great expectation
  • Motivate independent inquiry
  • Forums are to be formed
  • Beyond the class room we need forum. Eg: Reading club,Astronomy club
  • Do we have opportunity to meet the students future plan ?
  • If there is a extra ordinary students, how can we ignite them ?
  • Tell them to read deeply
  • Give them gentle words ( Support)
  • Teachers shoud be “friend, Philosopher and Guide”
  • A good teacher hungry to be succeeded
  • Good rapport and relation like triangular . Students- Parent – Teacher
 His talk was truly inspirational to us. The valuable thoughts shared by them were fully imbibed the minds of students, parents as well as teachers. Many valuable thoughts shared by him.


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