Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The Future generation & Teachers

What will be the role of teachers in future ? Can we call them teachers ? Now most of the educators tell that we can call them "facilitator".
Currently there are a lots of changes in educational sector.

We can see it in different ways. Method of Teaching, Learning Activities, Evaluation etc. Again there are many changes is going to happen in the filed of education. One of them will be Google Class Room.

Today we had an opportunity to participate in a workshop which was conducted by brams along with Google on “Innovate Education with Google” at Duabi. The event highlighted on creating awareness on Google for Education among teachers. There were around 30 teachers from various educational institutes around UAE.
I think our next main changes in innovative education will be Google class room with Google Apps. Teachers / Institutions can't limit our students thoughts and knowledge.

According to Google, more than 50 million number of students and teachers who use Google Apps for Education around the globe. Bogdan Copil lead a good workshop. 

Google Apps is an online solution that bridges the divide between learning at home or at school. It offers the opportunity for collaboration to happen in real time, irrespective of physical or digital location.

During this days some of my colleagues asked me-
Then What will be the role of teachers in future ? Can we call them teachers ? As a result of a lots of changes in educational sector the teacher name has replaced to facilitator .

Equipping this generation of learners with modern tools makes sense. This is why many schools are adopting Google Apps for Education, an extraordinary platform for the 21st Century.


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