Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Social Study Dpt meeting - Ideas

Need to plan for following things

UAE SST- 2 Terms – Syllabus
Syllabus bifurcation – Meet with level of students – content reduce
LMS – Notes Giving – Upload notes in drive – 10 & 11
Make sure that the child is referring.

Department Development Plan

General ?
Teachers details ? Time Table
Syllabus bifurcation
Chapters – Activities

Assessment ( Evaluation plan )

For Classes
For School ( Eg : Islamic exhibition, Sciene and Islam, UAE SST Exhibition – Quiz – PPT Evaluation and development of Islam)

4. Lesson Plan
5. % of Chapters need to cover

III- Prepare an Activity plan
Eg : Quiz
Participants ?
Quiz master ?
Duration etc..

IV- 3 Types of worksheet.
High Achiever
Middle Achiever
Low Acheiver
Can do WS in note book -
Save paper and Save Trees
Peer Checking and Evaluation
Score Book by - Class leader – Name – Worksheet Achievement Record

Note book Correction
Write Diagnostic notes ( Need to collect many words)
Remarks of notes
Healthy Competition among depts.


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