Sunday, 12 March 2017

Grow you food

We try to recreate what we missed from our God's own country. From the greenery we moved to desert .

The students and teachers of our School sweat it out to make the school an abode of agriculture where the arid Arabian land was “transformed” into a green pasture for all kinds of vegetables and herbs.
Today we had harvesting day of tomatoes and various vegetables.

School has increased its focus on organic farming with the appointment of the award-winning farmer from Kerala, Mini, as the school’s farming co-ordinator. Other than demarcated spaces in the open space, both a greenhouse and parts of the terrace of the school are utilised for farming.

The agricultural excitements include the teak wood that has flowered and the paddy field which is yielding paddy in the desert. Other crops on campus include tomato, papaya, okra, carrot, leafy vegetables, agathi cheera (sesbania grandiflora), lakshmi taru (Simarouba galuca), azolla, drumstick and mind leaf.

Students, after harvest, sell the crops to the interested parties and donate the money earned to different charity initiatives.


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