Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Academic Excellence Programme

AEP is an educational programme started in the academic year 2016-17 by the Habitat School Ajman with the objective of integrated acadmeic development of grade 10 students . In the learning it mainly  aimed to enhance the academic status of grade 10 students SSLC result .

The following activities were conducted as part of this. The highlights are given below.

  • The Programme period was from January 2017 to March 2017.
  • We had meeting with grade 10 students' parents at School auditorium .
  • Principal explained about the programme to the parents during this session.
  • Calendar of "AEP" activities was prepared for each class; and ensured that each activity was carried that precisely as per the calendar.
  • Backward students were given necessary training.
  • It helped them very much for facing board examination.
Planning – Time table
  • Categorized the students on the basis of their previous test scores.
  • It named as group 1 and group 2.
  • We prepared special time table for them. This was sent to parents and subject teachers in advance.
  • It helped very much for planning.
  • January onwards we started Block Time table.
  • Two adjacent periods joined and made it one. They are called Block Time Table.
  • The core subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science were only taught during this bock periods.
  • We had special classes during working days except Monday.
  • It was during 2.30 to 4.15 Pm.
  • In addition to block periods and stay back we had special classes during Saturdays.
  • Lesson plan – Mainly activities during the special classes were mentioned and gave to students in advance.
  • Two types of test papers were conducted for students
  • One among was out of 25 and another was out of 50
  • For 50 marks test papers , we prepared and given printed question papers.
  • For each subjects, we had conducted two 50 marks test papers.
  • To keep track record google sheet has shared to all teachers.
  • Teachers entered the scores of each test in this sheet.
  • To keep the attendance record of students another G.Sheet has shared to teachers.
  • Teachers entered the attendance report during stay back classes and saturdays.
  • Special remedial teaching was given to backward students, during the AEP classes.
  • Special counseling classes were organised  to prepare students to face exams with self assurance
  • Special career class was organised to prepare students for higher study.
  • To make communication easier we made teachers mail group as well as students.
  • Parents email group also prepared with the help of IT dept.
  • It helped to send notification, memos to parents.
  • Parents were happy with AEP programme. They felt to free contact with teachers on this .

I would like to conclude this report . And last but not least I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to Mr. Sanjeev Kumar , the principal of Habitat School Ajman, for bringing a great idea to the empowerment of students as well as he guided me to lead this team.

And also I remember the great support of our supervisors Mr Vijesh and Margeena who helped me in different ways such as timetable preparation, class coordination, maintaining discipline etc. 


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