Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Question papers in different countries

 It is always interesting to understand how the education system take places in different countries.

Is is good to compare and analyse the various textbooks from different countries and assessment as well.

Here I would like to share few assessment papers of different states from UAE.

If you have anymore kindly comment its link.


Tennessee TCAP_Social_Studies_Grade_8

California Social Studies 

All Qps

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Verbs and meaning


Sunday, 14 February 2021

100 Teachers' ideas for differentiated tasks for SODs

 ●     Extra video reference links,

●     Graphic organizers(Mind map/story map)

●      Extra time,

●     Worksheets,

●      Buddy Support,

●      Scaffolding questions(Cues to the answer) Simplified Tasks

●     ,More opportunities to express orally

●     Positive reinforcement

●     Constructive Comments/Feedback to move on to the next level

●     Choice Board













  • Solved examples for maths,
  • extra time, 
  • choice of submission, 
  • extra video links, 
  • formulas chart, 
  • simplified task, group motivation, 
  • game links to make learning interesting, 
  • extra enhancement links ,
  • keywords, 
  • self assessment , 
  • more opportunities, 
  • step by step instructions, 
  • appreciation, 
  • peer support during collaborative activities, 
  • visual aids, 
  • leadership,hands on acti
(P.E)Make him the captain/leader of the team,Give easy exercises,guidance,group activity,appreciation,post their workout videos,reward
DANCE - Show the correct dance steps and let the SD kid be a leader with the help of other kid.Repeated instructions will be given.
Use the breakout room.
Give them a choices: make their own dance step, they can follow also the steps which you did in the class.

1. Helping words
2. Links
3. highlighted keywords 
4. prompts, clues
5. modified instructions
6. direct instructions
7. modified task
8. peer learning
9. read aloud
10. graphic organizers
11. video links
12. simplified reading material
13. guided questions
14. extra time
15. simplified language
16. online activities, match the following, picture interpretation, drag & drop
17. motivation
1. Modifications in tasks
2. Keywords
3. Prompts
4. Extended time framework
5. Buddy support
6. Modelling
7. Individualised attention
8. Read aloud
9. Verbal Guidance
10. Recordings
11. choice board in the tasks.

1. Key words are given in brackets to be used 
2. Flow chart
3. Answers in points
4. live worksheet - Drag and drop
5. Simplified activities - options to answers (match the columns, fill in the blanks)
6. Buddy support
7. Recorded instructions
8. Simplified instructions
9. Repeat instructions by student (intervals) as given by teacher to stay focused
10. Key Chart - with words & meanings
11. Modified task as per students learning style
1. Quiz.
3. Extra Time 
4. Notes with important keywords
5. Modified content
6. Live worksheet
7. Buddy support
8. One to one interaction / instructions
9. Think and reflect time that reflect on their learning
10. Audio & visual resources
11. Syllabification - new vocabulary
12. Graphic Organizer

Simplified instruction
One to one attention and instruction
Visual and Audio clues
Buddy support
Key words
Appreciation token
Hands on activities
Extra time
Modified worksheet, 
Support Material (Video link, Real life examples, Mind map etc to clear the concept), Peer teaching 
Simplified worksheets(help box)
visual aids,
step by step instructions
flowchart,mind map
extra time
picture based learning
buddy support
recording voice
post class support
highlight keywords
modified task
multiple opportunities
Real life examples
Hands on learning
Online tools
  • Scaffolding during the task; 
  • Simplified Instruction;
  • Highlighted keywords; 
  • Modified task; 
  • Peer learning;
  • Extra time; 
  • Graphic organizers;
  • Appreciation and motivation to answer/perform
Audio recordings, picture and visual cues, extra time, helping words, worksheets, online games, one to one clear instructions, videos, flash cards with key words, puzzles, connections to real life, manipulatives, simple modified worksheets, buddy support, drawings.

Extra time, choice questions, cues or help box,visual aid, real life examples, leading questions, starting line or word,outlines, highlighted LO and text, more detailed instructions, in advance providing them concept video link, manipulatives, continuous appreciation in the session, peer support

Simplified and step by step instruction, Visual aids,Leadership, Choice of questions, Simplified worksheet, Translation (in languages), Extended time, real life life examples, manipulatives,

Tuesday, 3 November 2020

WikiCite Conference

Wednesday, 30 September 2020


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Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Constructive feedback


Sunday, 20 September 2020

Map of railway stations